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Tarp Buddy is one of the world’s strongest and most versatile fasteners on the market. The Tarp Buddy was designed to be light weight, incredibly durable and easy to use. Replaces a torn grommet on a tarp, pool cover, ATV cover, car cover, boat cover, etc. Also create an anchor on your material anywhere. Fasten the TarpBuddy to the material as a new grommet or anchor point for your material. The possibilities of the fastener are endless.

"How To" Videos

Hangman Knot
Hangman Knot
Tarp Buddy Install
Tarp Buddy Installation

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Tarp buddy sets itself apart from the rest of the fasteners on the market in many ways. It’s incredibly simple and easy it is to use and easy to fasten. The Tarp Buddy can create an anchor to the material without tearing or compromising the materials strength. The Tarp Buddy creates a solid anchor once fastened to the material. Attach a bungee, rope, string or a number of types of tie downs to the Tarp Buddy anchor. The Tarp Buddy creates an incredibly strong anchor within the material.

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The Tarp Buddy comes in packs of 10, 50 & 100. Plus find 100ft Paracord options.

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