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Boat Tarps

Boat tarps are a very common use for the Tarp Buddy. Many boat tarps are not necessarily custom fit. The Tarp Buddy lets you create the anchor on the boat tarp wherever you see fit. The Tarp Buddy comes in extremely handy when creating a solid anchor on a boat tarp. In the photo you will see 2 different types of tarps. One is a very heavy duty custom boat tarp and the other a standard tarp. You can see the Tarp Buddy works well on either thickness.

Boat Tarps

This particular customer has placed a standard boat tarp over the top of a custom tarp. This particular boat is stored outside most of the summer. The additional tarp helps prevent the higher end more expensive tarp from being weathered from the outside elements. The standard boat tarp blocks the direct sunlight and keeps the custom boat tarp shielded. The Tarp buddy comes in extremely handy in this case. Since the boat is stored outside it is susceptible to the outdoor elements. The main element is wind. When wind gets a hold of a tarp it tests the strength of the tarp. The whipping and slashing of the wind will find the weakest point of a boat tarp and start to tear.

Installation on Boat Tarps

Standard boat tarp grommets are created by punching a hole in the tarp. These holes can actually weaken the trap fibers. Therefore the area the grommet is in is typically weaker that the unaltered or un-punctured areas. The Tarp Buddy does not puncture, tear or rip holes into the material during installation. By keeping the material intact you sustain the durability of the material. So in the end, having the Tarp Buddy installed on your tarp gives you a stronger anchor on your tarp to better endure the outdoor elements.