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Repair Ripped Tarp Grommet

Repair ripped tarp grommets in seconds using the Tarp Buddy fastener. If you need to repair a ripped tarp grommet and no idea how to fix it, look no further. Just eliminate the grommet all together and install the Tarp Buddy in place of it. The Tarp Buddy simply fastens directly to the Tarp. The Tarp Buddy creates a new anchor on your Tarp. You can attach the Tarp Buddy virtually anywhere. Customers typically use a hangman’s knot with para cord or reusable zip ties. Either one lets you fasten and unfasten the Tarp Buddy quickly and easily for future use. Why repair ripped tarp grommets when you can simply eliminate the grommet all together. The Tarp Buddy is incredibly versatile allowing you to install or fasten it virtually anywhere you need an anchor on the tarp. Grommets tend to rip and tear tarp material constantly. Stop wasting time trying to repair ripped tarp grommets. Simply install the Tarp Buddy.

Take a few moments to watch the video above showing how easy it is to install the Tarp Buddy on your tarp material in seconds. No more trying to repair ripped tarp grommets. Just simply install the Tarp Buddy to the tarp material. The Tarp Buddy fastener is incredibly durable under high stress and resilient to many weather conditions. Since the fastener wraps around the material it distributes the tension equally around the material. This creates a strong, resilient and much more reliable anchor on your tarp without ripping or tearing it. Installation of the Tarp Buddy does not include poking a hole, tearing, ripping or compromising the material. This keeps the original durability and strength of the material in tact. Give the one of the worlds strongest fasteners a try at Tarpbuddy.biz.

The Tarp Buddy fastener comes with a lifetime warranty and is proud to say MADE IN THE USA.

Repair ripped tarp