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Tarp Clips

Tarp Clips are becoming very popular since the average or common tarp grommets tend to rip after only a couple of uses. The problem with a tarp grommet is that it punctures the tarp and creates a weak spot in the trap material. Once the fibers in the tarp have been compromised you lose allot of the material’s strength. The Tarp Buddy tarp clips allow you to utilize much more of the materials strength.

Installing Tarp Clips

When installing the Tarp Buddy tarp clips you do not puncture the material, therefore you maintain the material’s strength. Not tearing the tarp, but merely securing the tarp will help create a stronger anchor on your tarp. If you see tarp clips that have claws, teeth or even a large piercing point on them, be cautious since this may also compromise the strength of your material. Since the tarp buddy tarp clips do not have teeth or anything sharp protruding it will typically not rip the tarp even under heavy loads. Keeping a solid bond within the fibers on your tarp is key to maintaining the strength of the material.

The Tarp Buddy tarp clips are easy to install. Here is a link to the installation page. Tarp Buddy Install. Once you have installed the tarp clip you will notice it creates a solid anchor around the material. Pressure may be applied at any angle. Up, down, right and left and still have the same strength in all directions. With many of the other tarp clips you will notice you get one angle for durability.

With the Tarp Buddy tarp clips you will notice the best quality is that it will maintain the materials strength. In addition to that the tarp clips are incredibly universal. You can secure them with a stake through the middle, tent poles or even bungee cords. The Tarp Buddy tarp clips give you a large variety of options to secure your tarp down. You can see on this link all the Tarp Buddy uses a tarp can have when installing the Tarp Buddy tarp clips.

Tarp Clips