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About Tarp Buddy

The Tarp Buddy was founded in or around 2014. The Tarp Buddy product is manufactured and owned by Tarp Buddy LLC which is located here in the United States. The creator and inventor of the Tarp Buddy product is proud to say that it is 100% manufactured right here in the USA. The product has been sold all over the U.S. since 2015.

The creator, inventor and designer of the product is an avid outdoors man. He had been using tarps, tents, canvas sheeting and other coverings for years. Through the years he realizes one problem kept occurring. The grommets consistently would tear and ruin what was otherwise a perfectly good material. With the grommet ruined it basically made the tarp unusable. Some materials or canvases did not have grommets or a way to fasten to anything. He wanted to find a solution to solve all of these problems and did. The solution he now calls the Tarp Buddy.

How We Became a Dealer/Distributor

Our company Boat2Trailer LLC was introduced to the Tarp Buddy product and the inventor of the product at a local outdoors show. After talking only a few brief moments we were instantly convinced of what a great product it is. We wanted to help Tap Buddy LLC get the word out about their amazing product. Since the introduction we have since teamed up with Tarp Buddy LLC to help spread the word. Our company takes pride in only supporting products we truly believe in. The Tarp Buddy LLC Company and its product represent everything we believe in. The Tarp Buddy product is incredibly well made, durable, has a lifetime warranty and is proudly “MADE IN THE USA”.

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